Why Seva?


Seva® is the pioneer of the fast-casual spa, with nationwide locations that maximize one-stop-shop convenience and price points everyone can afford.

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Manager-Run Business Model

Seva’s manager-run model provides for semi-absentee ownership, which allows you to own and operate multiple Seva studios and grow with us.

{Semi-absentee ownership is not the same as semi-absentee participation. Manager-run means you will hire and train a Manager to run the day to day operations for each of your Seva studios per your directives and guidance. The manager is not a replacement of you, simply an extension of you}.

Recession Resistant

The beauty industry and in particular value-priced, recurring beauty services such as Seva’s are highly recession-resistant, ensuring Seva’s place as a global brand.

{Seva’s business model began at the beginning of the “Great Recession.” Through it we have organically doubled and tripled our growth on an annual basis}.

Hiring, Training, & Marketing Portals

Seva’s Hiring, Training, & Marketing Portals simplify the recruitment and training of your staff and marketing of your Seva studios.

{At Seva, it is all about the Beauty Gurus™ that you hire, train and deploy. This takes hard work and unwavering commitment and is the essence of what makes Seva successful}.