25The phrase “fast casual” has been associated with the restaurant industry for the last handful of years, but no longer is it reserved only for this sector of the U.S. economy.

Seva, the award winning franchise, spa concept, has taken the notion of fast casual and strategically applied it to the beauty industry. How does Seva deliver on this fast casual style that is a disruptive force in the spa industry?

It starts with an experience like no other for its guests. Seva offers a refined atmosphere often found at traditional spas, but incorporates convenience and affordability that other competitors cannot provide. Relating this to the restaurant industry, one might compare Panera to McDonald’s. Panera offers several freshly made menu items in a welcoming environment where service is of the highest importance, and technologies as well as other advancements underscore a finely tuned business model. Seva is akin to Panera – a brand considered the benchmark of the fast casual category.

Seva blends comfort, relaxation and affordability in an oasis amid the hustle and bustle of the day for Americans. Creatively bringing to life the brand’s mantra, ‘Beauty to the People,’ Seva is on a rise to stardom.

Its ascent comes as Seva further cements itself as the pioneer of the fast casual spa. Beyond the visible and experiential distinctions that have earned the brand the fast casual designation in the minds of consumers, Seva’s advanced approach to spa operations showcases just how well the business model has been designed and appropriately categorized.

Leveraging in-store iPads, Seva implemented virtual hands on coaching and training to ultimately provide high performance programs to team members consistently across the nation and ultimately enhance service standards for its guests. Today, many fast casual restaurant concepts are integrating iPad technology into their restaurant operations, a trend Seva was well ahead of and which it has integrated into multiple areas of its business.

As a result of the brand’s differentiators in terms of its operations, business model and high service standards, Seva is truly a fast casual spa and in a class unto itself.

In a recent press piece publicizing a new Seva studio in Northeast Ohio, The News Herald described the essence of the brand. The article notes that Seva offers its “clients treatments in a fast casual manner without losing the feel of a traditional spa.” A seasoned corporate professional, formerly an executive in the insurance industry, opened the studio and now plans to open her second in the near future.

The excitement surrounding Seva continues to build. The affordable luxury brand is on a trajectory to expand from 100 to 500 or more locations in the next three years. Its rapid climb in the beauty and franchise industries is grabbing the attention of the most respected business media in the world. To that point, Entrepreneur magazine, recently named Seva to its esteemed 2015 “Franchise 500” ranking, casting a spotlight on it as one of 2015’s “Top New Franchises.”

Seva’s Entrepreneur “Franchise 500” ranking signals the continuation of the company’s impressive U.S. franchise growth. The brand recently launched an initiative to further facilitate its expansion across the nation. The Seva Spa prototype fosters franchise growth for new and existing Seva franchisees. It provides the unique opportunity to open new spa locations in many of the nation’s most attractive shopping malls, strip centers, college campuses, airports and numerous other prime venues.

To learn more about how you can become a franchisee with Seva and part of the movement it has created, visit www.SevaBeautyFranchise.com to get started.