Please welcome Seva Franchise Partner, Shubhi Sethi & Mohith Narayanan to the Seva family once again!

Shubhi & Mohith have been awarded the rights to open a Seva studio in the Fairfax, VA market, making this Shubhi & Mohith’s 2nd location with Seva!

Shubhi & Mohith currently owns 1 Seva Studio, bringing them to a total of 2 Seva studios!

We look forward to Shubhi & Mohith ‘s continued contribution to the Seva mantra of bringing Beauty to the People®!

If you are interested in investing your time in a business that is core value-driven, focuses on empowering human beings through beauty, and believes that success should be both financial and spiritual, we invite you to explore Seva today!

For further information on the Seva franchise opportunity, please visit our website at, or simply reply to this email to Fulfill your Beauty Destiny™ today!