An interesting fact about the business world is that there’s not an exact path in the process of achieving success. Men and women from all races, ages, and backgrounds desire to excel but each one of them has a different story. Everyone’s outcomes reveal their core values and sacrifices. That is the case for three hard-working Seva Beauty pioneers that have had varying experiences but share the key definition of how to achieve success.

There was a common theme that prevailed while interviewing these businessmen: hard work. All of them reiterated the phrase “you have to work hard”. These are stories that inspire entrepreneurs to follow their dreams without forgetting that they must do their part to see those come true.

“When I started, I honestly didn’t have specific goals, but I knew that I wanted to work hard,” said Vipul, a former restaurant business owner who has lived in the United States for 20 years. This industrious franchisee started his journey thinking that it would be great to have one or two Seva Beauty Studio locations. But as he got ready to complete this business endeavor, he felt empowered by the Seva Beauty Team’s guidance and was motivated to open more franchises. “We started only with Studios inside of big-box retail stores locations but at the present time, we also have a Studios in other mall locations and the process has been rewarding. We have seen how the clientele has followed us, and thanks to the franchise’s marketing efforts and tools we have a strategic exposure” expressed Vipul. Today Vipul owns seven Seva Beauty’s studios and is in the process of opening one more location. “This is my story, and it might be very different from others, but this is how I have achieved success” expressed Vipul.

Moyees Merchant is another successful Seva Beauty multi-owner whose motivation and enthusiasm are contagious. Merchant currently owns 12 separate Seva Beauty flourishing franchises in states such as Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi. When asked about the challenges that he has encountered, it was hard for him to think of one because of the success that each of his venues is experiencing.  Merchant is the proud owner of the first ever Seva Beauty mall kiosk venue in Sugar Loaf, Georgia. With only three salon chairs, this Studio is excelling beyond measure. “We’ve been working hard and are thinking of expanding our kiosk venue because three chairs are not enough! People come to malls looking for options and have the time to stay and enjoy our quality fast-casual spa services. We follow Seva Beauty’s systems consistently and have seen great results” expressed Moyees.

Finally, there’s Ken Dickerson, a salesman and previous owner of a mailing service franchise. When Ken decided to enter the franchise world again, seeing Seva Beauty’s track record of success gave him the confidence he needed to venture into the beauty industry. He partnered with Seva Beauty and thought that his first location would be inside of a big box retail store, but the scenario quickly changed when the only available venues in his area were in malls. He then decided to take the step and launched his first Studio location in 2016. The opening was a big success and the Studio has been thriving since then. Dickerson expressed: “The exposure of our location and the customer’s mindset when going to the mall have been key for our Studio’s success.  We have some competitors under the same roof, but Seva Beauty’s unique concept gives us a competitive advantage. We’ve have worked hard, I was present in my Studio from opening to closing the first year of business and now I see the outcome. Soon we’ll open new locations.”

These inspiring stories give life to Seva Beauty’s mantra, Beauty to the People. As Ken Dickerson expressed: “Being successful requires hard work, dedication, being involved and rolling up your sleeves to make things work.” Seva Beauty witnesses stories such as these every day through their franchisees’ work and dedication.

Seva Beauty® is the pioneer of the “Fast-Casual Spa” offering services such as Brow Shaping, Lash Extensions, Brow Tinting, Facials and Makeup. Most services can be performed in 15 minutes or less. Seva Beauty® currently operates in 29 States and Puerto Rico with plans to continue growing both nationally and internationally. Today, Franchisees from coast to coast can join a company that has a proven track record, a reputation of being core value driven and a mission of bringing Beauty to the People®. Ranked in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 100 Fastest Growing, Top 25 New, and Top 500 Franchise categories! For more information visit, and