Many are intrigued by the idea of owning a business. Being an entrepreneur can be challenging, but franchising can allow you to start this adventure with confidence. Having support and guidance from a team that will be behind you every step of the way will be a game-changer in the process.


At Seva Beauty®, we meet many people that want to take part in the entrepreneurial adventure. Through the years, we have discovered similarities among our candidates. Some of their motivators to open their own business include escaping jobs that they dislike and or looking for freedom from their desk jobs. Others already have the skills and want to work to build their dream instead of fulfilling someone else’s. Many are considering Seva Beauty® because they know someone successful at a similar business and are inspired to do the same.


Do you feel motivated to start working towards the business of your dreams?  Whatever your motivators may be, there are five essential questions that you can ask yourself to ensure that Seva Beauty® is the right business fit for you.


What are your core values?

Seva Beauty® is a core value-driven company, and we look for Franchisees that share a similar perspective. We especially look for people that can relate to our corporate values of honesty, loyalty, and skill. What are your core values? What do Seva Beauty’s core values mean to you?


Do you have business experience?

Our existing Seva Beauty® Franchisees come from all walks of life and come from different professions that are not necessarily related to the beauty industry. Some are IT professionals; others are engineers, architects, among other professional paths. Seva Beauty® looks for potential Franchisees that have business acumen.  They are not required to have experience in the beauty industry but having experience in managing roles and leadership positions is a crucial factor for success.


Are you a good leader?

Some additional questions to ask yourself are “Am I a good leader?”, “Do I like working with people, or do I prefer individual projects?” Seva Beauty® is a business about people and for people. Being a good leader to your staff and a great listener and service provider to your customers are valuable skills that will be a big focus.


How comfortable are you with technology?

Our locations use several technological tools that allow our Franchisees exceptional managing and reporting capabilities. Among the tools you will be using are a web-based POS system, iPads, security cameras, emails, webinar platforms, web-based training portals, hiring, and marketing portals. Therefore, the right comfort level with technology is essential.


Do you like to follow processes?

It’s important to keep in mind for anyone looking to join Seva Beauty® that our protocols will guide you in every step of the business development and daily operations. As a Franchise, processes allow us to standardize the level and quality of the services provided in all the Studios. These processes are critical factors as they protect the brand’s image and the individual Studio’s investment and success.


Join Seva Beauty®

By joining Seva Beauty®, you can enjoy the best of two worlds. You can own your own business while being provided with guidance, support, and training by professionals committed to helping you thrive. Visit for further information or jump right in and start the Seva Beauty® franchise discovery journey by completing our Get Started Form today!


Seva Beauty® is the pioneer of the “Fast-Casual Spa” offering services such as Brow Shaping, Lash Extensions, Brow Tinting, Facials, and Makeup. Most services can be performed in 15 minutes or less. Seva Beauty® currently operates in 29 States and Puerto Rico, with plans to continue growing both nationally and internationally. Today, Franchisees from coast to coast can join a company that has a proven track record, a reputation of being core value-driven, and a mission of bringing Beauty to the People® — ranked in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 100 Fastest Growing, Top 25 New, and Top 500 Franchise categories! For more information, visit,, and