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SEVA Advantage

SEVA Beauty® is the pioneer of the fast-casual spa, with nationwide locations and price points everyone can afford. We sum this up by our mantra, Beauty to the People®.

Ranked in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 100 Fastest Growing, Top 25 New, & Top 500 Franchise categories, we invite you to continue your exploration of SEVA Beauty by navigating below.

The Value SEVA Beauty Adds:

<br><br><b>Real Estate</b>

Real Estate

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Is Salon Experience Required?

SEVA Beauty® has pioneered the fast-casual spa, with a simple manager-run business model that doesn’t require salon or spa-specific experience in order to be successful.

{Salon/ spa experience may not be required in order to be successful, but full-time, active oversight and participation in the business is essential to your success}.

What Are My Expansion Opportunities?

SEVA Beauty’s manager-run business model means you will have the ability to become a multi-unit operator with nationwide location options!

{SEVA Beauty’s manager-run model is an empowerment tool to multi-unit ownership, and requires full-time, active involvement by you. Manager-run is not the same as a Passive ownership}.

How Does Beauty To The People® Translate To Your Business Model?

SEVA Beauty’s highly convenient locations and affordable prices provide an unparalleled value to the consumer that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

{We’ve built this mission into the essence and core of our business model with our unique price points and clean, contemporary studios. The one-stop-shop convenience is the value-add that truly makes SEVA Beauty a pioneer in the industry}.

Where Are SEVA Beauty Studios Located?

SEVA Beauty provides you with the flexibility to operate nationwide locations in a variety of real estate venues such as shopping malls, big box retailers, retail outlots, strip centers and more.

{Our Site Selection team will work hand in hand with you to find the most suitable location to fulfill our mantra of bringing Beauty to the People®}.

What Is Spa-In-A-Box™?

SEVA Beauty has designed a complete Spa-in-a-Box™ logistics system which helps you coordinate the design, construction and spa build-out process for you, all the way through to grand opening.

{By nature, opening a business, dealing with contractors, vendors, permitting, and the like can be frustrating. If you are prepared for a challenge and up to the task of grand opening a new business, SEVA Beauty’s Spa-in-a-Box logistics system has done a lot to minimize the pain}.

What Is SEVA University™?

SEVA Beauty is committed to providing you with initial and on-going support, utilizing the most effective techniques and resources. This includes our proprietary SEVA University™ curricula which includes virtual Coaching & Conference Calls, Webinars, advanced technical training and continued education for as long as you own your Seva Beauty Franchise.

{In order to be successful, you need to be actively involved with your studio, and fully committed to maintaining our brand standards}.

What Is The iPOS™?

SEVA Beauty’s award-winning iPad-based POS System (iPOS™) enables you to easily administer and monitor your SEVA studios from anywhere in the world.

{SEVA Beauty is a technologically-driven company and as such you should be proficient with technology, including mobile, and web-based technology}.

How Can SEVA Beauty's Business Model Contribute To Recurring Revenues?

Our strategic business model facilitates lifelong customer retention and yields recurring revenues. In fact, SEVA Beauty’s customers typically return every two weeks like clockwork.

{Treat The Customer Well + Treat Your Staff Well = Recurring Revenues}

What Level Of Involvement In My Business Should I Expect As A Franchisee?

You should plan and expect to be full-time, actively involved in your business during the Initial Startup period. The Initial Startup period is the period of time it takes you to develop a profitable, efficiently operating, Manager-Run Model.

The targeted Initial Startup Period is one year.